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We Want YOU (to vote)! Find Last-Minute Voting Information

November 1, 2010

Don’t let anything stop you from voting tomorrow — our democracy needs YOU!  Not sure if your polling place moved?  Can’t decide about Governor or Senator?  Need to listen to a recorded debate to decide on a proposition?  Never heard about the judicial candidates?

For this election an unprecedented 93% of all registered voters in California can obtain comprehensive local as well as federal and state ballot information by going to  This includes answers to questions posed to US Senate candidates as well as other federal and state legislators, 2000 individual profiles of candidates, and background on the state props and hundreds of local ballot measures. Thousands of additional candidates are listed for New York, Pennyslvania, and Ohio.  Before you drop off your ballot or go to the polls, check to view all of that information in one place!

In California, you can also call 1-800-345-VOTE for questions about voting.  Contact your county elections office to confirm your voter registration status.  Other official voting information is available for New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

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